This week has been a week on the crazy train.  Explosions in Boston and West Texas. A manhunt for the persons responsible for the Boston explosions.  Massive investigation into the cause of the West explosion. Schools all over the country closed for various threats. We have always been a country that cherished our freedoms.  We are not a country used to living as a war torn nation.  To see a city like Boston completely on lock-down, no traffic, no people walking, no signs of life was almost like watching an apocalypse movie.  As a country we stood in prayer and spirit with Boston, hoping beyond hope that the criminal was caught,  Thank goodness we can say he was and is alive.

Now the hard part begins in both Massachusetts and Texas.  There are people who were severely injured who now need to relearn to live their lives and for some of them learn a new way of life.  For those who lost loved ones, they have to learn to move on with life without those dearest to them.  Questions will haunt the country for a long time.

We are the United States of America.  We are family.  We may fight and argue but we are a united front when we are in crisis.  We have survived before and this too we will survive as one.  Good night Boston and West Texas.  We got your back!



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Working woman, lifelong Michigander, Loves Cats, Laughter, Airplanes, Technology, Movies and Music.
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