Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tales

It’s a baby boy for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This is exciting times for Britons everywhere because the birth of this baby means the Monarchy will continue, unless it is somehow overthrown.  What makes this even more interesting is this is the first heir to the British throne born in the electronic age.   When his father Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge was born there was no internet, no Facebook or Twitter, and very little satellite television. CNN was a young 24 hour news channel and you could only watch HBO through an antenna on the roof of the house.  Computers were huge machines used by businesses that had to have their own buildings and there was no digital music or iPods.  When his grandfather, the Prince of Wales was born, there were very few homes with television.

This baby will grow up in a world where everything in his life and the life around him will happen immediately.  It will be everywhere all at once. Everyone has a camera. There won’t be any hiding family secrets or pretending there’s no elephant in the room.  He will be able to instantly access the history of his family.  He will be able to see video of his late grandmother and hear her voice and he will be able to read stories and see video of his Mother and Father’s wedding.  He will see himself before he was born. He will see the good, the bad and the ugly and there won’t be any shielding him from the events that are his history. He will date, marry, start a family and one day be King all in the instant camera eye. Everyone will know at the same time.

What will this world be like when he is his father’s age? History tells us it will be more dynamic than it is today.  Welcome to the world sweet Prince.  The world is waiting for you (and watching).


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