Where is MH370?

Airplanes do no simply disappear. They take off from point A and end at point B. Whether point B is the intended destination or not is a different issue but all aircraft end somewhere.

The Boeing 777, aka the triple 7, is one of the safest airplanes in operation. It is a plane intended to be flown by 2 pilots and has what is known as a glass cockpit. Gone are the knobs, toggles and switches. They are replaced by touch screens much like your iPad or smartphone. These planes require little interaction other than punching in the coordinates and checking back up systems. The plane is designed to practically fly itself.

The disappearance of MH370 is certainly a mystery.  A large aircraft  in a busy air traffic control corridor along a busy shipping channel and no one reported anything odd with an airplane in the area.  What could have happened?  Why did the plane stop responding? The theories are many.

There was no alien space ship that sucked up the plane.  There was no black hole or time space continuum (a la Stephen King’s The Langoliers).  These things we know for sure. What that leaves is talk of terrorism, pilot error, system failures and Hijacking.

Whatever is found and whatever the cause is determined to be, the families of those aboard need closure.  Right now, they don’t know if the plane crashed or is on the ground  at some jungle airport.  The not knowing  must be an unspeakable pain. We can only hope that all the governments can come together and work toward giving the families relief very soon .


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